I’ve worked in the IT service sector for more than 2.5 decades.  Aside from those who have been Happy with their present industry or function, seen –                                                    Guy A- Unhappy with beginning pay arrangement. He began applying for each job with much more wages than the present. From the blue, he cleared one occupation (authorities ) with CTC over three times his current take home.  Joined and published in grade 3 town. Lot over the position.

Now, complaining of no equilibrium. Present status- Implementing for postsecondary level exams to eliminate officer level occupation because of workload. Mistake- comprehend exactly what occupation needs, your suitability/skill and pursuing money.  Guy B – Joyful man. No criticism at all. I’m enjoying evenings, partying. Lived in an apartment with two –3 men who were CAT aspirants. All of the flatmates joined grade 1 MBA schools, this season. Appeared to understand this man had appeared in CAT and joined a few unknown, unheard MBA faculty. I shall do the same since what flatmates are currently doing.  Guy C – Neighborhood man. Extremely talented. He was able to sail by train. After having two decades of expertise, began trying to get a job change. Got some pay hikes in merchandise established firms in Bangalore and Pune. Present status- Connected another service established company in the same IT SEZ assumptions – two buildings away. Current situation- still preparing.     Arranged high-quality printers values lakhs and began working on the idea of Vistaprint/ Printing Venue. Resigned in their occupation. Standing – Failed seriously, I recall they used to market personalized cologne jar with double the market price — not just one purchaser. Inadequate marketing. Mistake- Flaw in the business version, no relevant advertising, dreaming gains from day 1.  No leadership/ability/ advice for business. Decide correctly.


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