Communication and electronics is the branch of Engineering.  ECE is one of the sections of Engineering. ECE plays roles. I’m 2018 pass ECE engineer working in Digital Marketing Field.ECE engineers are like Potatoes; you can use it.  Picking jobs depend upon your interests. You have. This 1 year is indispensable. You may change your flow. If you understand and are proficient at coding languages such as CSS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, JAVA, C++ or even PYTHON, do not attempt to learn those languages at the same time.  Start using Python or Java, if you would like to be a game programmer or an application programmer. Learn HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT to get Work in Digital Advertising Field and Internet programmer. This one is somewhat difficult. Businesses do not wish to employ fresher candidates without knowledge for occupations that are central.

Then begin with studying fundamental concepts of electronic equipment, if you are going to go for core occupation. Pick any one.  I will recommend you opt for Robotics or VLSI. There’s a probability you will be a profile in case you opt for campus placement. The majority of the businesses need a flatter candidate with excellent communication abilities for nontechnical profiles such as Research Analyst, Business Development Associate, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO & KPO). You can’t make a career.  Yes, your first salary could be high(approximately 30k) in metro cities. Choose wisely. This is one of those choices after your Engineering. There are organizations such as NTPC, DRDO, ISRO and more.

GATE examinations are conducted for recruiting in Government Organizations.  Following qualifying GATE you may serve. I will recommend you prepare yourself for GATE with your research.  Do not waste your time sitting after Engineering. Well, ECE engineers may go for tests including SSC, UPSC, and Banking. GOLDEN TIP- Do not opt for some other government examinations or a field.  It’s true; You ought to search for the GATE examination. There’s not any logic to select UPSC or SSC. In case you wished to work in a financial institution, you did technology? Then do not opt for ECE if you’re still at 12th and considering SSC, UPSC, and Banking.  Do not waste your cash. Proceed for any graduate level. Your target ought to be apparent. If I’m making some sense, please Upvote. If I’m mistaken, correct me.


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