I’m a Mechanical Engineer.   Cracked SSC CGL 2013 awaiting my linking in this month. I have been chosen in Income Dept. as a Tax Assistant at CBDT. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration once I say this test cracked or every or 12th year in Engg.  Individually. I am only telling the facts. My buddies who took an occupation that is personal following their graduation are considering trying govt. Jobs.Reason- They’re tired of the lifestyle and the dull that their efforts aren’t acknowledged regarding wages and respect they deserve.  So they do not possess the motivation. Some are happy relatively and did masters. (These are my perspectives and experiences, and I’m on no account generalizing. I am merely giving my view.)Coming to your query -SSC CGL for a livelihood is worth the attempt.

Because -1) It is a Central Govt.  Job (No need to information regarding the rights and perks )2) Its numerous articles to pick from the interest. 3) If you combine early in 2-3 years following your graduation. Your advertising prospects could be excellent. I am joining as TA in 25 yrs will be staggered as Grade A post or Asst Commissioner of Income Tax.4) You may have new challenges daily.  This will not break the monotony but would keep you inspired.5) Last but not least you will find a chance to donate to the nation by being part of the government.P.S- You may even receive a pension for the remainder of your life should you finish your term.P.P.S- I wanted to include more. However, that could have improved the amount of the response. Hope that this helps!!!Edit- I will go up to Deputy Commissioner or commissioner’s position .  ( Got to understand this after connecting )See in NPS each month 10 percent of the dais and main being deducted, and the company contributes the same volume. At the moment, you retire there’ll be. You can draw 60 percent of the and remaining 40 percent is invested in an annuity that provides you with a pension that’s only the interest in your amount that you spent. Hope that clears


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